Things To Do


Things To Do

Some local points of interest

- Cultural Center
- Old town
- The Church of São Gonçalo
- The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
- Community Center

Walks in São Gonçalo

- Comércio Falls and its gristmill
- Cadete Falls
- Pacú Falls
- Grota Seca Falls
- Rapadura Rock and its underground waterfalls
- Retiro Falls
- Jequitinhonha River
- Lightning Peak
- Historic Estrada Real (Palmital to Córrego do Mel to São Gonçalo)

Neighboring towns

- Milho Verde (famous for its waterfalls: Lajeado, Moinho, Carijó, Piolho, etc.)
- Capivarí (Itambe Peak, Amaral and Tempo Perdido Falls)
- Vau (Bananal Falls)
- Três Barras